Annual Show to be held on November 24th 2019 at Easington Lane Access point
Brickgarth Easington Lane DH5 0LE
 Please note AGM will be held on Show day at 12.15pm

Entries close 9.00pm 21st November

Show opens to public 12.30pm approximately closes 2.30pm


Lizard Canary

Champ  Novice

L1         L14  Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Cock

L2         L15  Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Hen

L3         L16  Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Cock

L4         L17  Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Hen

L5         L18  Broken Cap Gold Cock

L6         L19  Broken Cap Gold Hen

L7         L20  Broken Cap Silver Cock

L8         L21  Broken Cap Silver Hen

L9         L22  Non or Nearly Non Cap Gold Cock

L10       L23  Non or Nearly Non Cap Gold Hen

L11       L24  Non or Nearly Non Cap Silver Cock

L12       L25  Non or Nearly Non Cap Silver Hen

L13       L26  Any Over Year Cock or Hen (Normals)


S1            SALES CLASS


                ( no entry fee)


 Any Variety Bird Singles or Pairs

Entry for sales Birds is £1.00 per cage

No   Commission

Blue Lizards

Champ       Novice

BL1         BL7    Clear Cap Blue Cock

BL2         BL8    Clear Cap Blue Hen

BL3         BL9     Broken Cap Blue Cock

BL4         BL10   Broken Cap Blue Hen

BL5         BL11   Non or Nearly Non Cap Cock/Hen

BL6         BL12   Any Blue Lizard Hen


Any Other Colour Lizard

Including non-colour Fed


Champ          Novice

AOC 1            AOC 3     Any Other Colour Cock

AOC 2            AOC 4     Any Other Colour 

Old Variety Canary Section

Champ          Novice

OV1          OV13   Crest, Cock or Hen

OV2          OV14   Crest-bred Cock or Hen (any age)

OV3          OV15   Scotch Fancy, Cock or Hen (Flighted)

OV4          OV16   Scotch Fancy Cock or Hen (Unflighted)

OV5          OV17   Lancashire Cock or Hen  (Flighted)

OV6          OV18   Lancashire Cock or Hen) Unflighted)

OV7          OV19   Parisian Frill Cock or Hen  (Flighted)

OV8          OV20   Parisian Frill Cock or Hen (Unflighted)

OV9          OV21   North Dutch Frill Cock/Hen,(Fltd/U.Fltd)

OV10        OV22   South Dutch Frill Cock/Hen ( Fltd/U.Fltd)

OV11        OV23   Belgian Canary, Cock or Hen (any age)

OV12        OV24    Any Other Old Variety  


   Please note you need to be a member of NELCC to show