Please note Membership has been reviewed you now have two levels of membership

Social Membership (for members who wish to support our club but may live out of our catcment area, and may not be able to show their birds)

Adults £5.00 (Via paypal £5.50)

Junior Membership is free

Full Membership ( Which includes unlimited cage entries to our Annual show and Free admittance to                                                          show)

Adults  £10.00 (Via paypal £11.00)

Please pay by paypal or cheque/postal Order made payable to NELCC

Postal Address  211 High Street Easington lane Tyne Wear DH5 0JT

Single Social Membership £5.50

£ 5.50 

For those members who wish to support our Club but unable to exhibit at shows

Single Full Membership £11.00

£ 11.00 

Membership includes unlimited cage entries at our Annual Show. Also includes Free admittance to show

Single Membership (Europe) 10 Euro

€ 10