Details of recent EGM

 (see below)

Vote was taken by members present and by postal vote

Should the NELCC accept non-colour fed birds for exhibition vote was NO

Should NELCC accept Blue Lizard Canaries for exhibition the vote was NO

However it was proposed and accepted that a new club be formed for the exhibition of Blue Lizard Canaries, for the moment this would be called the North East  Blue Lizard Canary Club

This to be run totally seperate from the NELCC




 1st May 2015

Dear Member,


We have once again been asked by several members to reconsider the Clubs position on the Blue and Non-Colour Fed Canaries, to this end we have decided to hold a vote on this matter, where members can vote either in person, email or post.


The meeting will be held at the home of myself at 211 High Street Easington Lane DH50JT

On Thursday 21st May at 11.00am


Basically you are voting on whether the Club should allow classes for Blue and Non-Colour Fed Lizard canaries, to run alongside that of our existing Normal Classes.

Please note however that these new sections if voted in WILL NOT COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER

This would result in 3 Best in Shows

Best Normal Lizard

Best Blue Lizard

Best Non-Colour Fed Lizard


Looking forward to seeing you



Keith Barker





Anyone wishing to help with show or would like any more details please ring me 07778988208 email 



News 16/02/2014

Great day at Wigton CBS today they made us very welcome, hope to see you all again soon

 News 2/02/2014

Welcome to Kevin Skinner who joined today,,,,,,,,,, number 14

We are delighted to announce that we have received our funding from gentoo Housing Group for £160 this will cover the cost of our first show