2016 Show Held 10th January

Results In photo Order

Best Novive and 2nd Best Lizard Stuy Johnson

Best In Show, and 3rd Best In Show Sandy Innes

Best Opposite Sex Lizard

David Bowes

Results from 2015January show

Best In Show Stuy Johnson

Best Champion John Barker

Best Novice Stuy Johnson

2nd Best Lizard John Barker

3rd Best Lizard Keith Barker

4th Best Lizard Gerry Parker

5th Best Lizard Dave Bowes

In the Blue Show best Blue and Best Novice Lizard went to Norman Brown, and best Champion went to Dave Bowes

Congratulations to you all

Judge will be J D Ross and Kevin McCullum for Blue Lizards 

Great 2016 Show With 71 Lizards Benched.

Judge on the Day was David Ross



Our Annual Show will be held on 4thJanuary  2016

at Easington Lane Community Centre

Brickgarth Easington Lane

Houghton le Spring


Birds accepted Sunday Morning 9.30am until 10.30

Judging to commence at 1100am

Open to public at 1.30pm £1.00 at the door

Refreshments on sale

Lifting 3.30 approx

There will also be some trade stands and spaces available for visitors to sell surplus

bird related items (please contact us for details)

Novice Classes

N1 Clear Or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Cock

N2 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Cock

N3 Broken Cap Gold Cock

N4 Broken Cap Silver Cock

N5 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Hen

N6 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Hen

N7 Broken Cap Gold Hen

N8 Broken Cap Silver Hen

N9 Non Cap Gold Cock

N10 Non Cap Silver Cock

N11 Non Cap Gold Hen

N12 Non Cap Silver Hen

N13 Over Year  Gold Cock

N14 Over Year Silver Cock

N15 Over Year Gold Hen

N16 Over Year Silver Hen

Champion Classes

C1 Clear Or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Cock

C2 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Cock

C3 Broken Cap Gold Cock

C4 Broken Cap Silver Cock

C5 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Gold Hen

C6 Clear or Nearly Clear Cap Silver Hen

C7 Broken Cap Gold Hen

C8 Broken Cap Silver Hen

C9 Non Cap Gold Cock

C10 Non Cap Silver Cock

C11 Non Cap Gold hen

C12 Non Cap Silver Hen

C13 Over Year Gold Cock

C14 Over Year Silver Cock

C15 Over Year Gold Hen

C16 Over Year Silver Hen


This Show is held in conjunction with the General Licence issued by DEFRA, of which conditions are set out in the following paragraphs 1-7:

Conditions applying to bird gatherings In England (except pigeon races and pigeon training events into England and falconry events in England, which are covered under a different section)

1. A nominated person must be designated as the event organiser and a person responsible for keeping the records set out in condition 2.

2. A record of the exhibitors and vendors of the birds must be kept for 3 months, which must include the following information:-

(a) Full name

(b) Home address

(c) Telephone number

(d) Number and type of birds

3. Gatherings must not be attended by any birds brought into the UK from any other EU Member State (excluding the  Republic of Ireland) in the previous four weeks. There is an EU wide ban on the import of live birds from third world countries already in place.

4. A named veterinary surgeon (or another veterinary surgeon if the named person is unavailable) must be contactable for advice and to attend in the event of any suspect disease.

5. The event organiser must ensure biosecurity advice is distributed at the event.

6. If the sales of birds are taking place at the event, a record of all sales must be kept by the event organiser for at least 3 months from the final day of the event. This must include, name, address, telephone number of both seller and buyer and any identifying features or individual identification of the purchased bird(s)

7. The event organiser must notify the local State Veterinary Service Animal Health Office nearest to the event at least 7 days Prior to the event taking place. Notification must include, date, location details of the of the event  ,organiser and anticipated numbers and types of birds.